What is a pine tree?

Pine trees are evergreen, long lived, coniferous resinous trees. Our company is offering Pinus Sylvestris commonly known as Scots Pine, European redwood.

Scots pine heartwood is light reddish brown, demarcated sapwood is pale yellow to nearly white. Grain is straight, with a medium, even texture.

Utility poles, posts, boxes/crates, flooring, paper(pulpwood), and construction lumber.

Scots Pine is easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Glues and finishes well.

Common Name(s): Scots Pine
Scientific Name: Pinus sylvestris
Tree Size: 20 to 35 m tall (65 to 115 ft), trunk diameter 0.14 to 1 m (0.5 to 3 ft)
Average Dried Weight: 550 kg/m3 (34 lbs/ft3)
Janka Hardness: 2, 420 N (540 lbf)