What is a linden tree?

Linden tree is a large deciduous tree of broad-columnar habit boasting heart-shaped, board, dark green leaves, turning yellow in the fall. In early summer, small, fragrant creamy-white flowers are borne in spreading clusters.

Pale white to cream colour, with only subtle growth rings. The colour is mostly uniform throughout the surface of the wood. Tends to age to a yellow or pale brown colour over time. Has a fine and even texture, which is preferred for wood carvers.

Carvings, veneer, plywood, cutting boards, hat racks, musical instruments, and turned objects.

Easy to work, being very soft and light, though sharp cutters be used during planning ot other shaping operations to avoid fuzzy surface. Perhaps one of the most suitable wood species for hand carving. European lime also glues and finishes well.

Common Name(s): European Lime
Scientific Name: Tilia x europea
Tree Size: Tree size: 20 to 40 m tall (65 to 130 ft), trunk diameter 0.3 to 1.5 m (1 to 5 ft)
Average Dried Weight: 535 kg/m3 (33 lbs/ft3)
Janka Hardness: 3,100 N (700 lbf)